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Highland Bagpipes at Tartanweb.

Scottish Highland Bagpipes are an heirloom instrument passed down through the generations.

We are pleased to offer the Peter Henderson and RG Hardie range of Bagpipes - A contemporary design of bagpipe that will impress any piper.  Made here is Scotland by the Worlds Finest Bagpipe makers R. G. Hardie & Co. Ltd. who meticulously hand craft bagpipes to cover all budgets.

We also stock a large range of Chanters, Reeds, Accessories and Media products and we are sure you will find something of interest.

We offer expert advice from World Champion Pipers to assist you in choosing your ideal bagpipe and accessories so if you have a question please contact us.

Bagpipes from St. Kilda, R.G.Hardie and Peter Henderson

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