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Highland Dancing

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Highland Dancing

Highland Dancing at Tartanweb

Dancers the world over have an eye for quality and recognise the workmanship and detail which goes into producing the range of product we offer which cover all ages.

Uniquely we stock a range of waistcoats, jackets, kilts, socks, blouses and as they are made to proven stock sizes we are able to offer unrivalled delivery times and prices.


Highland Dancing Products from St. Kilda

  • Dancing Kilts

    Made to Order Dancing Kilts

    Our range of made to order Kilts for Highland Dancing - each available in any of 100 different tartans.

  • Highland Dancing outfits

    Highland Dancing Outfits

    Our Highland Dancing and Aboyne Dancing outfit packages are excellent quality and value for money.

  • Finest Quality Jackets

    Prince Charlie Jackets

    Prince Charlie Jacket is worn by competitors when Highland Dancing as well as for formal occassions. We have a range for both Boys and Adults.

  • Dancing Shoes

    Dancing Shoes and Hose

    Our highland dancers pumps are made on a straight last with a single piece of beautiful supple leather to give a seamfree, rounded front. The choice of dancers worldwide.

  • Belts and Buckles

    Belts & Buckles

    Our Pewter products are produced by us in our casting unit in Glasgow. Our Clan Crest range cannot be matched in depth.

  • Sporrans

    Dancing Jackets

    Our Ladies Highland Jackets are tailored to the highest standard. Trimmed with silver braid and beautiful silver thistle buttons and finished with hook and eye fasteners.

Ladies Aboyne Waistcoat Ladies Aboyne Waistcoat

Aboyne National Waistcoat tailored to our highest standard using only the best quality cotton velvet. Available in 6 velvet colours Royal Blue, Red, Bottle Green, Emerald Green, Black and Purple.

Maids Aboyne Plaid Maids Aboyne Plaid

Made with a full yard of the best quality 10.5oz worsted tartan cloth in the tartan of your choice - with over 100 stunning tartans available.

Aboyne Skirt Ladies Aboyne Skirt.

The Aboyne skirt is a fully gathered skirt made with 5 yards of the best quality 10.5oz worsted tartan cloth. We have over 100 tartans available.

Childs Highland Waistcoat 8 Yard Heavy Weight Kilt

We carry stocks of Highland waistcoats in childs sizes in Royal Blue, Red, Green, Purple and Black velvet.

Maids Made to Order Kilt Maids Made to Order Kilt

Made in Scotland by our own highly trained kilt makers, is fully canvas lined and has 3 buckles to ensure an excellent fit. Available in any of over 100 tartans.

Billy Forsyth Originalz Billy Forsyth Originalz (Junior)

The Billy Forsyth Originalz are are made with soft black leather, it has four white eyelets and white sole, with front seem.

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