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Highland Wear

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Highland Wear

Depending on the outfit you chose there can be up to 25 separate items in a highland outfit.  Highland outfits can be a once in a lifetime purchase therefore it is important the choices you make are based upon expert information coupled with the standards of quality that exceed the very best. 

St Kilad Retail is part of the Gaelic Themes group of companies which have specialised in manufacturing the very best in traditional and modern highlandwear for over 20 years and are proud to have served thousands of customers during that time.

Over the years we have also created the world's largest database of highland names and created the worlds first Interactive 3D Outfit Package together with Tartan Designer.


Some of our most popular highland products

Wallace Jacket and Waistcoat Wallace Jacket and Waistcoat The stunning Wallace Jacket and Vest can equaly be worn for formal and informal occasions. The perfect partner for one of our quality Scottish Kilts.
Clan Crest Kilt Pin Clan Crest Kilt Pin Our 100% pewter kilt pins are available with the clan crest of your choice enclosed within the traditional strap and buckle design. TartanWeb now offer the largest range of Clan Crested items in the world.
8 Yard Heavy Weight Kilt - All Tartans 8 Yard Heavy Weight Kilt The kilts are machine stitched from 8 yards of worsted wool and are available in our full range of tartans.
Black Prince Charlie Jacket and 3 button Vest Black Prince Charlie Jacket and 3 button Vest The Prince Charlie Jacket is an evening jacket and can be worn with a kilt to all formal functions where a black tie is requested.
Plain Colour Kilt Plain Colour Kilt.These stunning and stylish kilts are made in Scotland from 16oz. wool and are available in Black, Grey, Cream, Saffron, Navy and Bottle Green.
Old Langsyne Hand Stitched Kilt Old Langsyne Hand Stitched Kilt This stunning modern tartan captures the spirit of Scottish hospitality. Celebrate your Scottish ancestory in style with an Auld Lang Syne kilt!.

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