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Irish Themes

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Irish Themes

Welcome to Irish Kilts

Home of the finest quality Irish kilts, products and accessories on the internet. We have a range of 50 Irish crests, which encompass the most popular family names in Ireland and many of our products are available in these crests.

We also supply Irish kilts, Irish jackets, Irish shoes, Irish sgian dubhs and many other Irish accessories. Our specialist Irish Highland outfit packages are the best value on the market.

Tartanweb have long been the established name for all Irish kilts and Irish Highlandwear.

Irish Products from St. Kilda.

Irish Kilkenny Jacket.

Irish Kilkenny Jacket and Vest

The Kilkenny is the Irish daywear jacket, although worn with a vest, gold tie and leather sporran it does not look out of place as eveningwear too.

Irish 5 Stone Brooch

Irish 5 Stone Brooch

100% pure pewter traditional 3.5' Celtic Design Plaid Brooch with 4 stones around a large stone center piece.

Shamrock Pewter Brooch

Irish Shamrock Brooch

100% pure pewter brooch with a large Shamrock center piece.

Irish Crest Sgian Dubh

Irish Crest Sgian Dubh

Traditional hand made Irish Clan Crest Sgian Dubh contains the Irish clan crest of your choice. Also available in Shamrock, Harp, and Irish Sword designs.

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