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Masonic Themes

Welcome to Masonic Themes.

Home of the finest quality Masonic products and accessories on the internet. 

We are the official supplier of the Grand Lodge of Scotland Masonic tartan and you can find a great selection of kilts and outfits to suit most tastes and budget in the Masonic Tartan Outfits section below.

We also offer Masonic crested items such as masonic sgian dubhs, masonic kilt pins, masonic hose and many other masonic accessories.

Masonic kilts and Masonic Highland Wear are our speciality.

Some of our most celebrated and popular masonic products

Hand Crafted Masonic Dress Sporran Hand Crafted Masonic Dress Sporran Finest quality full evening dress Sporran with Masonic Design Cantle.
Masonic Sgian Dubh Masonic Crested Sgian Dubh Presentation quality Masonic Sgian Dubh with pewter mounts in a Celtic knot pattern and stone mounted in the hilt. Hand made in Scotland.
Masonic Kilt Pin Masonic Kilt Pin.Masonic Kilt Pin with Masonic Square and compasses emblem.
Masonic Crest Plaid Brooch Masonic Crest Plaid BroachSuperb Masonic Plaid Brooch with Masonic Square and compasses emblem.
Masonic Tartan Tie Masonic Tartan TieOfficial Grand Lodge of Scotland Tartan Tie made in Scotland from the finest quality wool. We also stock the official Grand Lodge of Ontario Canada tartan tie & Bow tie.
Masonic Hand Stitched Kilt Masonic Tartan KiltMade to measure traditional 8 yard kilt, hand stitched by our team of expert Kilt makers using the finest quality 16 oz Worsted wool.

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