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SaniTone 100ml Bottle

New SaniTone 100ml Bottle

Sanitone 100ml bottle is the perfect size to keep in your bag pipe case or practice chanter case,
combines two common substances we use everyday to prevent pathogen residency and growth on surfaces.  The active ingredient in SaniTone is an antimicrobial derived from coconut oil that is grafted onto a molecular adhesive.  It's this adhesive that keeps the antimicrobial in place, helping to protect surfaces for much longer periods of time.

​​SaniTone is a liquid that can be applied to most dry surfaces by spraying.  Allowing the surface to dry will coat the surface with a microscopic protective layer for continuous antimicrobial protection.

Most surface antimicrobials are effective for five minutes or less. They sanitise the surface for a short period until the active ingredient is either absorbed or wiped away, leaving surfaces exposed to immediate recontamination.
SaniTone remains active, physically bonding to create a long term, durable self-sanitising surface. This bond is so strong that it will last for up to 30 days, with a high degree of abrasion required to remove the 4 µm (micron) thick layer from the surface.

SaniTone's active compound is benzalkonium chloride - a compound recommended by the Australian Department of Health, World Health Organisation and other health authorities for use against COVID-19.*

It's our game-changing SiQuat technology which grafts the active ingredient into an organo-silane matrix of electrostatically charged spikes. These act like a tiny electrical spear to bio-mechanically kill the microbe. The organo-silane matrix layer allows SaniTone to bond to most hard surfaces for up to 30 days.

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